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01/07/14 - v1.2.259 - GridIron & Tuning

Quote:PATCH #8

Upcoming Patch - Tuesday January 07th @ 10AM – 1PM PDT

Patch Number: 1.2.259

Change Log


Greetings MechWarriors

2014 and still no flying cars? Well at least the Clans are invading!

15 seconds left on the clock and your team is on the 10 yard line! Who do you send in? The Hunchback Hero ‘Mech “Grid Iron”! He won’t fumble and he won’t stop till he wins! Like most pro athletes, he gets a healthy salary boost of 30% C-Bills for each match! Get some bam and swoosh with your pew pew today! Also check out the Limited Edition version with an exclusive cheer leader cockpit item!

The Cicada champion is here! This is as close as you are going to get to a “Garth” Hero ‘Mech. Its available to pilot now in the Trial ‘Mechs and will be on sale Jan 14th. Don’t forget the 10% XP boost so you can power level this fast medium mech.

We have some weapon tuning in this patch as well as some bug fixes too. Read on to get the full details

See you on the battlefield.

- Matt Newman

P.S in the Dec patch notes I stated “*there are currently no C-Billionaire’s in the game” Well since then we had a player reach this milestone. I’m not going to reveal who it is but I will say this “you’ve changed man… The C-Bills have changed you! You used to be so down to earth.” Wink Congrats.


New Hero Mech

"Grid Iron" HBK-GI

- Tonnage: 50
- Engine: 200 XL
- Top Speed: 64.8 kph
- Max Engine Rating: 275
- Torso Movement:
- 125 degrees to each side.
- 25 degrees up and down.
- Arm Movement:
- 40 degrees to each side.
- 35 degrees up and down.
- Armor: 336 (Standard)
- Internal Structure: Endo-Steel
- Weapons & Equipment:
- Head: Small Laser
- Left Arm: Medium Pulse Laser
- Left Torso: SRM 6
- Right Torso: Gauss Rifle
- Right Arm: Medium Pulse Laser
- Hardpoints:
- Head: 1 Energy
- Left Arm: 1 Energy
- Left Torso: 1 Missile, 1 AMS
- Right Torso: 2 Ballistic
- Right Arm: 1 Energy
- Heat Sinks: 11 Double
- Jump Jets: 0 (0 Max)
- ECM Capable?: No
- Module Slots: 2
- Movement Archetype: Medium
- Quirks: 37.5% faster torso twist speed, 10% faster torso pitch speed
- 30% C-Bill Bonus

New Trial Champion Mech

Cicada CDA-2A©

- Tonnage: 40
- Engine: 340 XL
- Top Speed: 137.7 kph
- Max Engine Rating: 340
- Torso Movement:
- 125 degrees to each side.
- 30 degrees up and down.
- Armor: 232 (Ferro-Fibrous)
- Arm Movement:
- 0 degrees to each side.
- 30 degrees up and down.
- Internal Structure: Endo-Steel
- Weapons & Equipment:
- Left Torso: Medium Laser x2
- Center Torso: Medium Laser x2
- Right Torso: Medium Laser x2
- Hardpoints:
- Left Torso: 2 Energy
- Center Torso: 2 Energy
- Right Torso: 2 Energy, 1 AMS
- Heat Sinks: 15 Double
- Jump Jets: 0 (0 Max)
- ECM Capable?: No
- Module Slots: 2
- Movement Archetype: Small


Weapon Tuning:

- AC/20 - Projectile speed decreased from 900m/s to 650m/s (250m/s decrease)
- AC/10 - Projectile speed decreased from 1100m/s to 950m/s (150m/s decrease)

Bug Fixes

- Fix to a very rare deadlock during reloading the shaders.
- Changed capping the FPS from 30 to 60 in the front end. Reason for this cap is we took off forcing vsync on in the front end and we have to cap at some frame rate so certain users will not have 5000 FPS in the front end and overheat their GPUs. Users who also want to change the sys_MaxFPS can once again.


- Greater visual weapon customization for the Hunchback variants. Their appearance will better reflect the weapons that have been equipped on them.
- New MechLab icons for all Hunchback variants.

We thank you for your patience and we look forward to seeing you on the battlefield!

The MechWarrior® Online™ Team

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