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10/29/13 - v1.2.251

Quote:PATCH #3

Upcoming Patch - Tuesday October 29th @ 10AM – 1PM PDT

Patch Number: 1.2.251

Change Log


Greetings MechWarriors!

Here is a nice little patch to brighten your day! No more ready rage!

The Waiting for players screen timer drops to 20 seconds once all players have joined/loaded!

Our favourite founders who ordered Phoenix get their Founders hanging item!

There is also a handful of bug fixes and we will see you one week from today for our next patch!

Matt N


- Inject the Founder hanging cockpit item. This is for only Founders who purchased a Phoenix package.


- The timer during the waiting for players will now jump to 20 seconds when all users have connected to the match.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed an issue where the Dragon 'Mechs were firing one missile at a time.
- Fixed a missing texture on the Champion Atlas' secondary missile launcher.
- Fixed a text tool tip where it said Air and Artillery Strike do 10 damage for each bomb when it should say 40 damage.
- Fixed an issue where the AMS was not working on the LCT-3M.
- Fixed an issue where if a missile hit a POD near the 'Mechs head it would do no damage to the torso it was associated with.
- If a user has an invalid 'Mech loadout they will still be able to launch the tutorial.
- AMS will no longer fire when a user disconnects.
- Artillery/Airstrike online SFX will no longer play during the drop preparation screen.
- Multiple map bug fixes.
- Increased the chances of getting Caustic Valley map to match other maps.

We thank you for your patience and we look forward to seeing you on the battlefield!

The MechWarrior® Online™ Team

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